mom diary blog 5 tips to organise your life december

MOM Diary offers 5 tips to Organise your life that can be used with your MOM or WOW Diary.

5 tips to Organise your life

  • KEEP TRACK OF YOUR FAMILIES INFORMATION – It is important to know which illness or injections your kids have had without having to search for this information, or worse, not know at all. After having a couple of kids, one childhood illness started to merge into the next. Other info like family ID numbers, cell phone puk numbers, movie card numbers etc. will have your kids thinking you are “The Bomb” when they ask you for it. Fill this information into your MOM or WOW Diary at the beginning of the year.
  • DO YOUR MOST DIFFICULT TASK FIRST – Prioritise and do your most difficult or most important task first every day. Plan it by writing it under “important numbers, dates and reminders” in your MOM or WOW Diary – it is a bit like making a child eat their veggies first. Your willpower is always at its strongest in the morning.
  • MONTHLY CASH FLOW – Knowing what accounts to pay each month, not only helps you plan financially, it also saves time when it comes to the end of the month. Fill in these amounts in the “Monthly Cash Flow” in your MOM or WOW Diary.
  • PLANING WEEKLY MEALS – By having 8 standard midweek meals (Mon – Thurs) that you know are easy to prepare and that kids and adults enjoy, means you have each meal only twice per month and it makes it a whole lot easier for planning and shopping. The MOM and WOW Diaries have some great midweek meal ideas. Spend some time over the weekend planning for the week ahead, compile your shopping list.
  • INFORMATION ABOUT SCHOOL – Most schools send out a list of activities for a term. Immediately transfer this information into your diary on the correct pages. The same goes for exam timetables, extramural schedules, contact details for anything to do with school and the class list. All these items have a place in the MOM or WOW Diary.