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MOM Diary offers 5 tips to setting Goals in your life that can be used with your MOM or WOW Diary.

PLANNING YOUR DAY – Half an hour of quiet time in the morning can lead to a productive day. Use this time to think about and plan what you need to do. Work out which are your top priorities and write them in the top right-hand block under “Important numbers dates and reminders”. Look at your month planner and to-do-list and transfer anything that you want to do that day.

USING THE BLANK PAGES – Everyone’s diary should feel like their own special management hub. Use the blank pages in your MOM or WOW Diary to add lists, pictures or anything else that is relevant to your life, to make it your own.

SET GOALS AND DEVELOP SYSTEMS TO ACHIEVE THEM – Goals are the “roadmaps” of your life. In order to go in the right direction, goal setting is an integral part of daily life. Your MOM or WOW Diary incorporates goal setting on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in order to make goals part of your everyday life.

GET ENOUGH SLEEP – For anyone to function properly, they have to have enough rest. Try not to compromise by squashing too much into a day or working while you are tired as this is counterproductive.

AVOID THE MORNING RUSH – Make lunches, set out clothes & put everything you need for the next day in a designated area the night before. Have kids pack homework & books in their backpacks to be ready for the next day. Get into the habit of checking your MOM or WOW Diary the night before so that you are fully prepared for the next day.

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