Difficult Roads

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations

As the world navigates it’s way through this Covid-19 Coronavirus, turning most of our lives upside down, it is so important to keep seeing the positives!

I truly believe our perspectives and priorities are going to be completely shifted by this virus.

Life has become so fast-paced, that we often don’t have time to stop and feel the true joy of being alive.

Suddenly we have been put in a situation where we are having to cancel all sorts of events, work commitments, holidays, daily chores and habits; leaving us with time and space to breathe.

We have become a society of doers. For once we are having to step back and BE! Our mindset is being shifted from working hard and making money, to caring for ourselves and those around us. At last compassion and love can become our number one priority.

Our earth has been crying for us to stop hurting it. With everything slowing down, it is finally being given a break from the constant onslaught from us humans.

We are learning to deal with fear and disappointment like never before. We are adapting to a new way of being in the world. Selfishness has no place in our lives right now.

At last we can fully understand the meaning of “all being connected”. This virus has shown us that those words have never had a truer ring to them.

Families are being drawn together and literally being forced into communicating, interacting and supporting one another. More kids are being asked and taught to help around the house than ever before.

This time and space that we have been gifted with, will lead to introspection and life evaluation, making us think out of the box on how we can operate in a better way.

It’s time to make friends with nature, she has so much to offer us, especially right now while all the other noise in our life is falling away! Being in nature is one of the few things that we can do out of our homes but still keep our distance from others.

We are being taught to be very present and aware in all that we do, exactly what we needed to learn.

I feel like we are going to come through this stronger, kinder and with a different outlook on life.

May each and every one of you navigate through this time safely, especially those who are particularly vulnerable.

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