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Last year when I realised I only had 100 days left before leaving for Vietnam, it hit me that those were 100 crucial days in the life of the business. It was make or break time for me. If I didn’t make a good deal of sales during those 100 days, all my hard work for the year would have been in vain. Not to mention the personal arrangements that had to be dealt with as well.

So I set about working on a plan that would ensure maximum results in the time I had available to me. I sat down and wrote a list of 100 things that I would do before leaving for Vietnam. I called it “That one daily thing list” and oh boy, was it effective!

Because it worked so well for me, I am using it again, but now on a monthly basis. At the beginning of each month I write a list of about 30 things that I need to do that will create a positive change in my business or personal life. These are not the everyday mundane things that we have to do anyway, like doing the laundry or answering emails, they are things that will add value to our business or lives in some way (not that doing the laundry or emails doesn’t add value!)

Some of the things that I have on my January list are decluttering (I have been binge watching “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” on Netflix – really worth watching), business strategy planning (my road map for the year), social media planning and growth plan, getting my business books up to date, booking driving lessons for my 18 year old, and a lot more which I won’t bore you with.

Something like upskilling myself on how to place the perfect Facebook advert or to grow my mailing list or finding a tool to automate a process in my business would all be worthy of my “That one daily thing list“.

How it works is, once I have my list for that month, I make sure that each day I pick one of the items on the list i.e. every day I am doing “That one daily thing” that will have an impact on my business or life going forward. It is making me work on my business instead of just in it. I have found that most of the personal tasks are things that I don’t have to do again and it gives me a sense of relief and achievement to have them ticked off my to-do list. Some of the items are listed more that once because they require more than one chunk of time, others may be little steps towards a bigger task, some may even take 5 minutes to complete – the only rule is that you pick “That one thing” every day.

I hope that this tip helps you with getting the important things done, instead of letting time run away with you without actually moving forward.

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