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Mom Diary new diary for 2018 reviewed by ‘Hello, I’m Alet’

Working or not, our lives are filled with activities that requires us to plan and schedule. For parents, simply keeping up with all the different activities of children at school can be overwhelming at times.

For career woman, the art of balancing work and family remains a constant focus. Keeping track of all the different activities from one central point helps manage this far more effectively.

By using an annual diary we are able to keep a bird’s eye view on the day, week or month ahead, thus incorporating your work, home, family as well as your own goals into your overall personal strategy.

The new MOM and WOW Diary for 2018 was recently reviewed by Alet, a working mom and lifelong learner. In her blog ‘Hello, I’m Alet’ she shares pictures of the diary and gives an objective overview. Alet also briefly mentions the difference between the MOM and WOW diaries.  Click here to go to the ‘Hello, I’m Alet’ Mom Diary review.