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We care about our planet

What are we at The Papery doing to ensure the survival of the planet?

  • Wherever possible, we are using cream paper for our products, which is unbleached and far friendlier to the environment. This does come at a higher price, but worth it for the sake of the environment. 
  • We have for years made sure that we recycle every scrap of paper and plastic that we can.
  • Our own brands are manufactured locally and besides the obvious benefit of being good for the economy and job creation, it saves on pollution incurred by transport.
  • We encourage our customers to make EcoBricks, starting with their diary packaging and delivery material. Sadly, at them moment we don’t have an alternative packing solution, but until we do, we will make sure we are eliminating single use plastic as far as possible.
  • We are making sure that the brands that we have chosen to align ourselves with, are all making enough effort to reduce their carbon footprint. Faber-Castell is a great example of this and one of the few companies in its industry to have complete CO2 neutrality.

How to make an EcoBrick at home