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One of our customers, Ashley Wilkinson, did a full review on the MultiPlanner

Here are some features of the MultiPlanner (Ashley’s comments in italic below):

  1. Suitable for both men or women
  2. Undated so you can start using at any time of the year
    – Perfect for me as explained above
  3. Personal details
  4. Telephone numbers
  5. Monday to Sunday for 52 weeks
  6. Plan your entire year with the “year at a glance” planner
    – Awesome for planning future blog posts as you can easily see in which order you will release each new article. 
  7. Plan every week with a full page “week at a glance” planner
  8. Each week has a full lined page for making notes
    – Perfect for taking notes at workshops, events, and expos.
  9. Daily pages divided into two parts
  10. Use the top half to make lists, notes or sketches
    – Or in my case, make notes about the following:
    Blog: articles to write, plugin research, collaborators to contact, sketches, giveaway start and stop dates, ideas for future articles, website improvements, etc
    House Project: Material sourcing, supplier & delivery follow-ups, etc.
    Home Life: When to buy pet food, send  in laundry, etc.
  11. Use the bottom half for time based events and appointments
    – such as doctor visits, dinner dates, meetings, events and expos
  12. Saturday and Sunday on one page
  13. High quality Italian leatherette cover material
    – Feels amazing to the touch
  14. Sophisticated and elegantly branded with debossed logo
    – Definitely very sophisticated
  15. Choice of 3 neutral colours to suit your individual taste
    – And yet still a difficult decision. They’re all so awesome!
  16. Pages consist of good quality cream paper
    – I like cream paper; it’s not so harsh on the eyes, especially if you have to take notes while standing outside for any reason. Excellent choice for a planner.