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Using a Dot-Grid Journal

Journaling is a part of my everyday practice, and as much as I love free writing, I find that having a structure to follow really helps me stick with my morning journaling practice. In this blog I share some ideas on journalling in general and also how I set it up in my dot-grid journal!

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Choosing the right journal for you is important because it can definitely be the difference between inspiring you to use it or not. When I choose my journal, I always try and find one where the cover has some meaning, or sparks something within me. I simply love this one with Sun, Moon and Stars on it.

This one has a hard cover, which makes it really easy to write in, even when not sitting at a desk or table. Another important factor is that when it is open, it stays open. The ribbon marker helps me find my place without having to search and I like the finishing touch of the rounded corners and elastic closure.



Find a special place where you sit and journal – mine is on our front stoep with a view of my little garden. I have created a “couch” out of 2 pallets and an old mattress, covered with a throw that has inspiring words on it and then some scatter cushions to round it off. I can sit there come rain or shine. It really is my happy place.


Whatever your best time of day to journal is, try and get into the habit of always doing it at that time. I love to start my day with quiet time, followed by my journaling and then planning my day using my MOM diary. Of course a nice hot cup of coffee really rounds off the experience for me!

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Divide 2 pages into 3 sections each and use headings that resonate with you. List under each section, what are your big goals for the year.

  • Home (e.g. declutter)
  • Career
  • Health
  • Family/Happiness
  • Spiritual
  • Finance (e.g. save)


Using a journal with quality paper helps when using colour markers or highlighters. Personally, I love using colour to brighten my journal.

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On a double page spread you can include things like the following:

  • Which of your goals from the goal overview page are you focusing on this month
  • Add more detailed steps to these goals
  • Include a habit tracker – one of the best ways to instill new habits or to let go of bad ones
  • Decide on your affirmation for the month
  • You could add things like what do you want to do more of, let go of, what scares you, what lights you up….or any other prompts that resonate with you
  • This is where I add my washi tape and of course, more colour


Using 1 page for 2 days, divide your pages up as follows – using highlighters works well here.

  • Use the picture for reference
  • Leave about 8 lines for thoughts about whats going on in your life
  • A block for setting your intention/s for that day – this could be a way of being or could be some specific thing/s that you want to get done – remember to refer back to your goals for that month to keep you on track
  • Daily gratitude
  • Include a line where you can write your affirmation for the month each day
  • After Sunday’s block, I have a half page where I can list what my wins for the week were, and where I can improve


Reflection is such an important part of the process. We tend to focus on all that we never got to – the never ending to-do lists. Taking time to look back and to celebrate the WINS, makes us realize that we did actually achieve a lot and gives us the motivation to keep striving to do our best.

At the end of each month look back at the beginning of the month set-up. How many of your goals did you achieve? What is your habit tracker looking like? It takes 21 days to make a new habit stick, so by now you should be cruising with those habits! Read over your weekly summaries. You will be amazed at how many “wins” you have had! Have a look at what can you do differently in the next month, that will make it an even more “kick-ass” month?

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