Brush Pen Set (12 pack)

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These pens have wide felt tips, which can be used for large colour surfaces and calligraphy while the thin fine tips can be used for drawing fine lines. 

Special features of the Brush pen set

  •  Has a fine and thick pen tip
  • The thick tip can be used for full colouring 
  • The thin tip can be used for fine lines and detailing
  • Comes in 12 bright colours
  • Brush tip = 1-2mm
  • Fine tip = 0.4mm

Tips on how to use fine tip pens:

  • Choose the right paper: fine tip pens work well on heavyweight paper
  • Practice control: fine tip pens require a steady hand for precise lines. You can practice on how you control the pressure that you use to achieve consistent lines
  • Sketch lightly: try to sketch with a pencil first before this will allow you to make corrections before going over your lines with the fine tip pen
  • Use gentle pressure: fine tip pens are delicate. Use gentle pressure to avoid damaging your pen and to achieve consistent lines
  • Work in layers: start with lighter lines and gradually add darker lines or detail, this helps create depth in your artwork
  • Allow ink to dry: give your ink time to dry before erasing pencil lines or adding more layers of ink to prevent smudging
  • Clean your pens regularly: clean the tips of your pen regularly by scribbling on a piece of paper, this helps to remove any buildup of ink
  • Store properly: store your fine tip pens horizontally with the cap on to prevent the ink from drying out

Tips on how to use brush pens:

  • Hold the pen correctly: hold the pen at a comfortable angle. The brush tip is flexible and it might take some time to get used to the brush pen. You can practice on how to hold the pen that best suits you
  • Practice brush strokes: before diving into letter writing, you should practice your brush strokes such as upstrokes and downstrokes. We have a free practice sheet available below
  • Control pressure: brush pens allow you to create thick or thin lines by the amount of pressure that you apply. Light pressure will create thin lines while a heavy pressure will create thick lines
  • Start slowly: take your time and write slowly, taking your time to write each letter with care
  • Use guidelines: you can use grid paper or dotted journals to help you maintain letter height and spacing
  • Be patient and persistent: practice makes perfect! Writing with a brush pen takes time and practice, so embrace the learning process 

Check out our free calligraphy practice sheet here!

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