Journal Spreads by Delia!

Journal Spreads by Delia!

Bright Butterflies

Delia's July journal spread, has been another hit with our followers on social media.
This spread requires a journal, watercolour paint, a pencil, gold metallic pen, fine-tip black pen and a white gel pen. 
My journal of choice for spreads is the Premium 160gsm Dotted Journals. They are perfect for simple or more detailed spreads as the pages handle many mediums without bleeding. (I wouldn't recommend you try using paint in any journal that is less than 120gsm - it will bleed!)
I sketched out the basic layout with my Faber Castell Apollo Pencil, then drew the butterflies, flowers, title and calendar. Next, I painted the flowers and butterflies. The flower's colours are a pearl metallic shade mixed with a bit of black to create an off-white shade, the stems are an olive green shade and the centres are dark brown.
 After painting the flowers I moved on to the butterflies. The butterflies wings are a gradient of yellow, orange and red, the body is dark brown and the wing tips are black. 
To refine my artwork, I used a Pitt Artist pen in black, to outline each object. I also used the pen to deepen the black on the butterflies' wings, write my calendar and the day titles. 
My final steps were to use a Metallic marker in gold to write the "Hello July" month title and to add white detail to the butterflies' wings with a white Gel Pen.

Red Tulips

Our fans loved these bright red tulips - almost as much as I loved creating them!

All you need for this spread, is a journal, watercolour paint, a pencil and fine-tip black pen.

To start this journal spread, I used my Faber Castell Apollo Pencil to draw a column on the page, inside which I sketched the tulips.

Next, I painted the tulips using yellow, orange, red, black and dark brown.

The leaves and stems are a mixture of yellow, light green, and olive green.

I filled in the column behind the flowers with a peachy shade.

To finish off this spread I used a black Pitt Artist pen to outline the tulips, the column and to write the day titles.

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