6 Ways To Create Balance Through Organisation

6 Ways To Create Balance Through Organisation

So many people are feeling out of balance with too much to do and not enough time to do it all. And the first thing that gets neglected, is ourselves.

If you feel like your life is out of balance, here are some tips and ideas that can help you get yourself more balanced through good organisation and goal setting.


In today’s times we receive inputs from so many different sources like email, WhatsApp, Facebook and many more. By taking all those inputs and writing them in one place, you won’t feel like you are being pulled in hundreds of different directions.

It is not about which system or diary you use, but rather having that “hub” to keep it together. This will save you time and ensure that you don’t miss anything. Within your system, you need to try and keep specific things in specific places.


There are many time management techniques out there. Here is one of our favorites;

When you are feeling overwhelmed with too much to do and too little time, start off by doing a “brain dump”. Get it out of your head and onto paper. From here you can structure the list into different categories (work, personal, family, household, etc.) and from there into a workable plan in your diary.

Allocate chunks of me for specific tasks – you will feel more satisfied by finishing one task completely than by half finishing a whole bunch of tasks.

Don’t multitask – for years people have said that women are so good at multitasking. No one is good at it and no one should try it. Focus on one thing at a me before you move onto the next.

Keep your to-do list at a manageable, realistic length otherwise you will set yourself up for failure day after day.

If you find you are still not getting through your list, estimate the me each task will take you and stop adding to your list when you have filled up the amount of me you have available to you. By doing this, you tend to work faster as you are more aware of the time.

Prioritize and make sure you do 1-3 most import-ant things first, early in the day. Once you do this, you will find the rest of your day flows so much better as you will have taken the stress and worry away.

Use colours to highlight different things.

Have specific places for specific information so that you don’t spend hours searching for things.

You can download our FREE E-Book that takes your through getting out of overwhelm in an easy step by step format!


Make sure your goals reflect the emotion that you feel with that goal. If you can detach from the physical outcome and rather feel into WHY you want that specific thing or situation, you are far more likely to achieve it (e.g. wanting to improve your financial situation could be related to a feeling of freedom).

At the beginning of each year set intentions for the New Year as well as reflecting on the year gone by. Choose what you take with you and what you leave behind.

Pick a word that encompasses what you want to achieve this year.

Review and update your goals often.

Create that long wish list for yourself. The more you can dream a bout it, the more likely it is to happen.

Goal setting can get broken down into yearly, monthly, weekly and daily chunks, all incorporated within your planning.


Include some form of exercise in your weekly routine. You will be amazed how good it makes you feel.

Strive to eat healthy food.

Make sure you get enough sleep.

Be grateful for what you already have.


In this day and age of technology it is easy to get caught up in information overload.

Unsubscribe from things that no longer interest you.

Manage your emails so that they do not take up too much of your day.

With technology, we often suffer from FOMO. You don’t need to know everything about everything.

Do a Facebook audit and clear out people, groups and pages that are taking up your newsfeed unnecessarily.

Have days or times where you put your phone out of sight and on silent.


This is achieved by living your life in the moment rather than dwelling on the past or worrying about the future.

Realise that no matter how carefully we plan, life still happens and the best way of dealing with this is by going into acceptance of the situation, rather than trying to fight against it.

If you really don’t feel like doing something, don’t force it (don’t confuse that with procrastination).

Once you are in tune with your intuition, you will be able to trust and follow your gut feeling a lot easier.

Walk away from your computer as often as you need to.

When you feel overwhelmed by a situation – remove yourself and take some deep breaths.

Spend time in nature.

Do less and accomplish more.

Declutter your physical environment & your devices as often as possible. 

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  • Loukia Lerios

    Thank you for these great tips.. Life is overwhelming. Any help we can get is wonderful. I work long hours and only have Saturdays to Clean, Declutter, Do washing, Relax, Chill, Connect with Friends, Have some Me time, Feed my Spirit (Sundays). Love the Papery Journals, Diaries etc. But please, please tell me, What is Washi Tape and what is it used for?
    Have a great week..

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