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Unveil the mystery of your true purpose with our Ikigai Jam Packed Box, inspired by the enchanting Japanese concept of Ikigai—your reason for being. This specially curated box is designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, helping you find joy, meaning, and fulfilment in every moment.

Discover the Secret to a Fulfilling Life with Our Ikigai Jam Packed Box! 

Unveil the mystery of your true purpose with our Ikigai Jam Packed Box, inspired by the enchanting Japanese concept of Ikigai—your reason for being. This specially curated box is designed to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, helping you find joy, meaning, and fulfilment in every moment.

Why You'll Love It 

Our Ikigai Jam Packed Box isn't just a collection of beautiful stationery—it's an experience. Each element has been thoughtfully chosen to inspire creativity, reflection, and a deeper understanding of yourself. Whether you're looking to ignite your passions, find clarity in your mission, or simply explore your dreams, this box is your perfect companion.

Embrace the Journey 

  • Guided Exploration: Dive into exercises that will lead you through the pillars of Ikigai—your passions, mission, vocation, and profession. Let the journey unfold as you uncover new insights about yourself.
  • Creative Touches: Bring your reflections to life with tools that add a splash of colour and inspiration to your journey. Each stroke and note will guide you closer to your Ikigai.
  • Mystery & Wonder: Delight in the surprises awaiting you inside. Each item is chosen to spark joy, curiosity, and a sense of purpose, making your journey as exciting as it is meaningful.

Your Path to Fulfilment 

  1. Set the Stage: Create a serene, inspiring environment where you can fully immerse yourself in the experience. Think cozy corners, warm drinks, and your favourite tunes.
  2. Begin the Adventure: Open your Ikigai Jam Packed Box and let the exploration begin. Each exercise is a step toward understanding what brings you true happiness and fulfilment.
  3. Express Yourself: Use the included tools to highlight your journey, making each page of your exploration uniquely yours.
  4. Reflect & Discover: As you progress, take moments to reflect on what you've discovered. Let these insights guide you towards living a life rich with purpose and joy.

Join the Ikigai Movement 

Are you ready to find your Ikigai? Order your Ikigai Jam Packed Box today and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery. Whether for yourself or as a thoughtful gift for someone special, this box is the perfect gateway to a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

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Image shows a group of stationery boxed pilled up
Jam Packed Boxes

Full Of Surprises

A Jam Packed box is the perfect surprise stationery box to gift yourself or someone special!

Once you have had a "Once Off Box", you have the
option to start a subscription.

Price includes delivery to anywhere in South Africa via courier.

Image shows a variety of stationery
Jam Packed Boxes

What's In the box?

All our Jam Packed boxes are different and will have a combination of different stationery items which could include:

✩ Journals and Planners

✩ Notebooks and Notepads

✩ Stickers and Sticky notes

✩ Pens and pencils

✩ Colouring and Painting items

✩ Greeting cards and Gift tags

✩ Writing pads

✩ Printed items

✩ Various stationery items

✩ Tutorials/Activities

✩ Mystery gifts

Jam Packed Boxes


✩ You will receive between 8-15 themed items in a box.

✩ Prices include Shipping Fees.

✩ Jam Packed boxes make wonderful gifts.

✩ After a Once Off Box, you have the option to start a 6 month subscription.

✩ It is like an adult lucky packet with gorgeous stationery.

Image shows a lady with gift boxes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Amazing!! Incredible!!

My first time purchasing. Delivery was super fast. The box is stunning! Exceeded my expectations. So happy 🙏🏻

Love it!! ❤️

Everything in the box is amazing!!

Starrine Barnard
Love it

This box is probably one of my favourites Loved the pastel colours Great job!

Unexpected delight!!

Love love love love!!

Jacqueline Brown
My thoughts about Ikigai Box

I absolutely love it. You can see that a lot of effort and attention went into creating these boxes. I adored it so much that I ordered another themed box. I would recommend it not only to stationery lovers, but also to everyone looking to take the first step towards finding balance in their lives.

Tlaleng Mamonong

Ikigai Box

Natasha C
The reason for purpose and life

Love the boxes, always such a pleasure and joy! Anticipating the arrival of the new boxes makes us all super appreciative towards the creativity that The Papery puts into these boxes!
Thank you to all the hands responsible, you make this our Ikigai!

Mary-Ann van Eeden


Tracey Falconer
Ikigai box

Super excited to finally open my box ... beautifully wrapped, lots of components to unpack, love the journal and stationary. Am looking forward to enjoying the activities in the notebook & creating memories !

Janice De Jongh
Fabulous Box

I spent last night making my Personal Ikigai book. Used stickers from other boxes,and it looks fantastic. Can't wait to start writing! I will be reinventing myself after an ongoing 9 month trauma. Janice version 3.0