10 Creative Ways to Use Washi Tape in Your Journal


Washi tape, is a versatile and decorative tool perfect for enhancing your journalling experience. Whether you're a seasoned journaller or just starting, these 10 creative ideas will inspire you to incorporate washi tape into your routine.

1. Creating Borders and Frames

Washi tape is excellent for adding borders around journal pages or framing specific sections. Use different patterns and colours to highlight important entries or to create a thematic look for your pages.

Tip: Combine thin and thick washi tapes for a layered border effect.

2. Highlighting Dates and Titles

Make your dates and titles pop by underlining them with washi tape. This adds a splash of colour and helps organise your journal, making it easier to find specific entries.

Tip: Use metallic or glitter washi tape for special occasions or key events.

 3. Creating Tabs and Bookmarks

Cut small strips of washi tape and fold them over the edge of your pages to create custom tabs or bookmarks. This is a quick and easy way to navigate through your journal.

Tip: Colour-code your tabs according to different sections, such as to-do lists, notes, and personal reflections.

4. Decorative Page Dividers

Divide your journal pages into sections using washi tape. This is particularly useful for bullet journalling, where you can separate your daily tasks, goals, and notes efficiently.

Tip: Use patterned washi tape to add a touch of style to your dividers.

5. Attaching Photos and Mementos

Washi tape is a gentle adhesive that won't damage your photos or mementos. Use it to attach pictures, tickets, and other keepsakes to your journal pages.

Tip: Create a collage page with overlapping photos and washi tape borders for a scrapbook effect.

6. Creating Patterns and Designs

Get creative and use washi tape to make geometric patterns or abstract designs on your journal pages. This can be a fun way to add an artistic element to your journalling.

Tip: Try creating a washi tape mosaic by cutting the tape into different shapes and arranging them into a cohesive design.

7. Labelling Sections

Use washi tape to create custom labels for different sections of your journal. Write directly on the tape with a permanent marker for a personalized touch.

Tip: Choose washi tape with light colours or simple patterns to ensure your writing is legible.

8. Edge Decorating

Decorate the edges of your journal pages with washi tape. This adds a decorative touch and makes your journal look beautiful from the side when it's closed.

Tip: Alternate different tapes on each page for a vibrant, layered look.

9. Repairing Tears and Spills

Accidents happen, but washi tape can help. Use it to repair torn pages or cover up ink spills. It adds a decorative element while keeping your journal intact.

Tip: Choose a washi tape pattern that complements the design of your journal for a seamless fix.

10. Using Washi Tape with Stickers

Enhance your journalling by combining washi tape with stickers from The Papery. Use washi tape to create frames or backgrounds for your stickers or cut the washi tape into shapes to complement the stickers.

Tip: Layer different washi tapes under or around the stickers to create unique and personalised designs.

Integrating these creative uses of washi tape from The Papery into your journalling allows you to transform your journal into a personalised, visually appealing record of your thoughts and experiences. Experiment with different tapes and techniques to find what works best for you and let your creativity shine!

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