Alison Explains, What Is The Difference Between The MOM & WOW Diaries?

Alison Explains, What Is The Difference Between The MOM & WOW Diaries?

I have been asked this question so many times over the last 14 years!

Lets start with how the MOM (Most Organised Mother) Diary came about! This was born out of a need that I had, with 4 kids, all at different schools (not bad planning, just their ages varied quite a bit – preschool, primary, high school and one at a college.) Trying to keep track of each of their school and personal schedules and needs, while also running the household and my own business, was a bit of a nightmare! 

Being an avid goal setter and, at the time, doing karate, running half marathons and a few other things, I searched for a diary to use as a management tool to run my and their lives. There was nothing like this available on the market, so I decided to create something that would work for me, and other busy mom’s like me.

On a run one day with my running partner Ange, she said how much she loved my MOM Diary, and how it suited her busy life too. Not being a mom herself, she obviously wasn’t going to carry a diary around that said MOM on it. She asked if I would do a special one for her with the MOM upside down – enter WOW!

I went home and thought about it and realised the WOW was the perfect acronym for Wonderfully Organised Women. I made a few tweaks to the next year’s diary, by changing words like “kids” to “family”. We all have some kind of family commitment after all, whether that be kids, a partner, parents, fur babies, etc. It was easy enough to remove the kid specific pages from the WOW and wallah, we had a WOW Diary.

My standard answer to the question “What is the difference between the MOM and WOW Diary?” is basically not much besides the cover and a few pages that are specific to mom’s. Doing it this way means that all women can benefit from these diaries and also keeps the print cost down as they can be printed up together – it’s a win win for everyone. Even though I don't have young kids to manage anymore, (the preschool & primary school ones are now at varsity, and the High School & College ones have long flown the coop, and one has even made me a grandma already). Time has flown and life has at least calmed down somewhat since those early days, but I am still the biggest fan of the MOM Diary, and use mine daily.

Although the diaries have really evolved in many ways over the years, the basic page format of the daily pages has stayed pretty much the same, because it has always worked well.

Literally thousands of women have used and loved them over the last 14 years. If you are wondering if this is the diary for you, just go and see what other people have to say about their diaries (reviews on the website and Facebook pages) and we will look forward to welcoming you to the MOM and WOW family.

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