The Art of Undated Planners

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In a world filled with digital distractions, sometimes the simplicity of pen and paper can be the key to productivity and organisation. Undated planners provide a versatile solution for managing your schedule and tasks with a sense of freedom and adaptability. Here are five practical benefits of integrating our MultiPlanner undated planners into your daily routine:

1) You can start at any time

Whenever you're ready to embark on your planning journey,  the MultiPlanner is there to meet you at your starting line. Forget the confines of the calendar; whether you're kicking off at the start of the year or picking up in the middle, your journey begins the moment you open its pages. With 52 weeks laid out beautifully into easy to navigate sections - you fill in your dates as you go along, popping in appointments, reminders and goals.

2) Flexibility

Life is unpredictable, and plans often change. An undated planner offers the flexibility to adjust your schedule on the fly. Whether you need to reschedule appointments, add new tasks, or rearrange priorities, you can do so easily.

3) Customisation

 You are the master of your organisation system! Every individual has a unique style of planning and organising. With an undated planner, you have the freedom to design the layout that best suits your preferences. Our MultiPlanners have a minimalist design with ample white space, but if you prefer a colourful layout to energise your planning sessions there is space to customise your layout with your own bullet points, stickers and washi tapes

4) Combat Procrastination

The act of physically writing down tasks and deadlines can help combat procrastination. Undated planners encourage you to break down your goals into actionable steps and hold yourself accountable for completing them. Plus, the satisfaction of crossing off completed tasks is unmatched!

5) Long-Term Use

Undated planners have no expiration date, allowing you to make the most out of your investment. Whether you take a break from planning or miss a few days, your undated planner will patiently wait for your return.


Ashley from Small Scale Engineering beautifully illustrates here the benefits and key points of just how functional the undated planners are. By providing flexibility, customisation, and longevity, these MultiPlanners empower you to take control of your schedule and achieve your goals. So why wait for the perfect moment? Start planning your future today with our wide selection of MultiPlanners!

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